Student Research Projects

Veterinary Science students who succeed in securing one of these projects will have the opportunity to access and interrogate authentic data, helping to build analytical, research and clinical skills and knowledge. Each project will focus on aspects of a particular breed, and will contribute to, or result in, a peer-reviewed publication.

Available Projects

Students planning research projects as part of their DVM, BVSc or Honours programs are invited to engage with this exciting nationwide project. Using veterinary clinical data from VetCompass Australia, the studies will characterise different factors of individual breeds of dogs, cats or horses under veterinary care in Australia. At certain times, a further set of projects will be offered to determine the most common breeds for each species.

It is expected that research will be collated from the different streams of enquiry into a single report for submission to a journal. The projects dealing with the numbers of each breed will also be prepared for publication. Publications will benefit the students, universities, vets in practices, and the broader community.



  • code the data guided by a standard questionnaire
  • report on findings
  • work under supervision, within the bounds of the degree being completed
  • have the option to work individually or in teams


  • provide a supervisor and statistician
  • provide an academic champion to oversee and coordinate student work for publication (particularly important for bringing the three streams together)
  • invite members of the VetCompass Australia consortium who have contributed to the planning or delivery of a manuscript to be co-authors

VetCompass Australia

  • provides access to a steady stream of authentic data
  • coordinates of all aspects of the data collection, storage and management
  • conducts HREC administration
  • provides technical and project support for students and their supervisors

Current Breeds

Each university has selected a combination of breeds that will be offered in 2018. These are:

  • Australian Cattle Dog – Murdoch University
  • Border Collie – Murdoch University
  • Boxer – James Cook University
  • Bernese Mountain Dog – Charles Sturt University
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – University of Sydney
  • Cocker Spaniel – University of Adelaide
  • Dachshund – University of Sydney
  • German Shepherd – University of Queensland
  • Golden Retriever – James Cook University
  • Labrador – University of Melbourne
  • Poodle (Toy) – University of Melbourne
  • Pug – University of Sydney
  • Rottweiler – University of Melbourne
  • Schnauzer (miniature) – University of Queensland
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier – University of Melbourne
  • West Highland White Terrier – University of Sydney
  • Burmese – University of Sydney
  • Devon Rex – Charles Sturt University
  • Ragdoll – University of Adelaide
  • Siamese – Murdoch University
  • Clysedale Horse – Charles Sturt University
  • Paint Horse – Charles Sturt University
  • Pomeranian – University of Adelaide
  • Quarter Horse – University of Adelaide
  • Shetland Pony – University of Queensland
  • Thoroughbred – University of Queensland
  • Welsh Pony and Cob C&D – Murdoch University


If you are interested in completing one of these projects, please contact one of the VetCompass Australia representatives at your university.

Strategic Research Projects

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