Chocolate Labradors die earlier and have more ear and skin conditions

Paul D. McGreevy, Bethany J. Wilson, Caroline S. Mansfield, Dave C. Brodbelt, David B. Church, Navneet Dhand, Ricardo J. Soares Magalhães and Dan G. O’Neill

Chocolate-coloured Labrador retrievers have, on average, 10% shorter lives than black or yellow Labradors, and are more likely to suffer ear infections and skin diseases, according to a study of the veterinary records of more than 33,320 Labrador retrievers in the UK. For this study, researchers analysed the data in our sister program, VetCompass at the Royal Veterinary College in London. 

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Chocoloate Labradors die earlier than yellow or black and have more diseases.

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Paul D. McGreevy, Bethany J. WilsonCaroline S. MansfieldDave C. BrodbeltDavid B. ChurchNavneet DhandRicardo J. Soares Magalhães and Dan G. O’Neill 2018. Labrador retrievers under primary veterinary care in the UK: demography, mortality and disorders. Canine Genetics and Epidemiology 5:8.


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