Veterinary and Animal Research Data Commons

Australia's seven veterinary schools have again come together, this time to build a new platform, the Veterinary and Animal Research Data Commons (VARDC). This is thanks to the excellent support of the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) who are funding the project through their Platforms program. 

Building on the work of VCA, VARDC will deliver big-data opportunities to Australian veterinary and animal science researchers allowing them to mesh clinical data on individual animals with related data, such as pathology reports. This will transform the VCA platform so that researchers have a single point-of-access [Sustainable Platform] to multiple, related systems. It will deliver a framework that shows researchers how to design studies and request data [The Virtual Lab] with optimised access to the data and data cleaning. It will facilitate collaboration with Australia’s leading veterinary pathology providers [Ingestion of Path Reports] and prepare VCA to work with the Australian Imaging Service (AIS) to host images alongside clinical data [Integrations]. Researchers will be able to access clinical and pathology data from a single platform and use machine learning approaches to develop future artificial intelligence-based diagnostic tools.



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Veterinary and Animal Research Data Commons (VARDC)