VCA Symposium 2022


The VetCompass Australia Symposium 2022 was held on 16th and 17th August. There were 6 sessions over 2 days, with 24 presentations and 2 e-posters submitted. Thank you to everyone who participated. 

The program included the following presentations.

  • Welcome, Prof. Mark Krockenberger, University of Sydney, VCA & VARDC Chair
  • Using VetCompass for Assessing Antimicrobial Stewardship in 135 general veterinary practices, Dr Laura Hardefeldt, University of Melbourne
  • Antimicrobial use in companion animals undergoing chemotherapy in clinics in Australia, Prof. Peter Bennett, University of Sydney
  • Uncovering the geographical associations between antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial usage in dogs treated with anti-pruritic therapies for pruritic skin and ear diseases through data linkage, Sara Horsman, University of Queensland
  • A shift towards early-age desexing of cats under veterinary care in Australia, Dr Lara Boland, University of Sydney
  • Veterinary and Animal Research Data Commons (VARDC): Bringing together veterinary data, researchers and clinicians, Sophie Masters & Geoff Hall, VARDC/VCA, University of Sydney
  • West Highland White Terriers under veterinary primary care in Australia: demography, mortality and common health conditions, Xiao Lu, University of Sydney
  • Epidemiology and Survival of Dogs Diagnosed with Splenic Lymphoid Hyperplasia, Complex Hyperplasia, Stromal Sarcoma and Histiocytic Sarcoma, Prof. Chiara Palmieri, University of Queensland
  • Estimating the prevalence of clinically diagnosed or suspected Scottish Fold Osteochondrodysplasia in Australian Scottish Fold cats using VetCompass Data., Assoc. Prof. Bianca Waud, University of Sydney
  • Ascertainment and near-term forecasting of tick paralysis admissions, Dr Nicholas Clark & Sahil Arora, University of Queensland
  • Prevalence and risk factors of common dermatological disorders in the English springer spaniels of Australia, Boning Zou, University of Sydney
  • The prevalence/ epidemiology of corneal disorders in Pugs attending primary-care veterinary practices in Australia in 2017, Wai In Lau, University of Sydney
  • Prevalence and Severity of Patellar Luxation in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in Australia, Yaeji (Tiffany) Son, University of Sydney
  • Are large language models the future of clinical natural language processing? Dr Jenny Wilshaw, Royal Veterinary College
  • Using Natural Language Processing and Big Data in the Context of Antimicrobial Stewardship, Dr Brian Hur, University of Melbourne
  • Using VetCompass to characterise antimicrobial prescribing in horses with hoof abscesses, Dr Kirsten Bailey, University of Melbourne
  • Canine megaoesophagus in Australia 2017-2018: Use of VetCompass to enhance an outbreak investigation, Prof. Mark Stevenson, University of Melbourne
  • A virtual online clinical placement pilot programme: The use of electronic patient records in veterinary education, Assoc. Prof. Anne Peaston, University of Adelaide
  • The demography, longevity and mortality of Bullmastiffs attending veterinary practices in Australia from 2008-2017, Abigail Carney, University of Sydney
  • Prevalence and risk factors for otitis externa in Pugs in Australia, Leanne Leong, University of Sydney
  • Prevalence of osteoarthritis in cats attending primary-care veterinary practices in Australia, Assoc. Prof. Sanaa Zaki, University of Sydney
  • Mortality resulting from undesirable behaviours in dogs aged under three years attending primary-care veterinary practices in the UK and Australia, Prof. Paul McGreevy, University of New England
  • A retrospective study on the mortality and morbidity of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pedigree using VetCompass Australia data, Ethan Christ, University of Sydney
  • Pharmacoepidemiology: the curious case of green lipped mussel powder, Dr Mieghan Bruce, Murdoch University
  • Conclusion, Prof. Mark Krockenberger, University of Sydney, VCA & VARDC Chair

For more details, read the abstracts and view the full program.

Two e-posters were submitted.

The demography longevity and mortality of Bullmastiffs 600


Incidence and risk factors of Heat Related Illness in FINAL2