Strategic Research Project Submission


Research Team
  • be a staff member within the proposing university's faculty or school of veterinary science
  • be ranked at Level A-D (not E, except with the permission of your local Head of School)
  • not be the lead on more than 2 projects at any given time
  • have at least 2 years' tenure to ensure the project is seen through to completion
  • be supported by at least one team member who also has 2 or more years' tenure
Research Project
Data selection and requirements

All studies will include the following identifiers:

  • Patient Number
  • Clinic Code
  • Database Name
  • Consultation and Visit Numbers
  • Consultation Type

In addition to these, you will need to select the fields that are relevant to your study. 

Select all relevant fields about the patient.
Select all relevant fields about the consultation. The Examination Text contains the free-text notes as recorded at the clinic and most studies use this field.