Participant Consent Form

In giving my consent I acknowledge that:

  1. Animal health records from my practice will be collected by VetCompass Australia and retained in the VetCompass Australia database. They will be used to undertake statistical analyses and produce documents that will be in the public domain, such as PhD theses, external reports, published scientific research papers and the VetCompass Australia website.
  2. The researcher may approach my practice with the request for further clinical health details, laboratory or referral reports on the animal to validate the accuracy and completeness of the data collected. Participation in VetCompass Australia does not put my practice under any obligation to provide these extra records. I understand that I will be asked to provide additional written consent for this to proceed.
  3. Future studies may be developed to investigate a specific disease syndrome or risk factor further. Participation in this original VetCompass Australia project does not put my practice under any obligation to participate in further studies if I do not wish. If I do wish to participate, a new consent form and ethics approval number will be provided for this study. I will be asked to re-identify the animal from the animal identifier code and send a letter of request and consent to the client for voluntary participation in this further study involving their animal.
  4. The procedures required for the project and the time involved have been explained to me and any questions I have about the project have been answered to my satisfaction.
  5. I have read the Participant Information Statement and have been given the opportunity to discuss the information and my involvement in the project with the researcher/s.
  6. I understand that being in this study is completely voluntary – I am not under any obligation to consent.
  7. I understand that my involvement is strictly confidential. I understand that any research data gathered from the results of the study may be published, however no information about my practice or my clients will be used in any way that is identifiable.
  8. I understand that I can withdraw from the study at any time, without affecting my relationship with the researcher(s) or the University of Sydney now or in the future.
Practice Owner or Agent
Address of Practice