VetCompass Australia collects demographic and clinical information from day-to-day veterinary clinic consultations around the country. We then use this wealth of data to investigate the range and frequency of health problems seen in cats, dogs and horses. Ultimately this will give us a greater understanding of these diseases and conditions and so improve their identification, treatment and prevention.

Describing the antimicrobial usage patterns of companion animal veterinary practices; free text analysis of more than 4.4 million consultation records


Using VetCompass Australia, Natural Language Processing techniques, and the Australian Strategic Technical Advisory Group’s (ASTAG) Rating system, this study describes how frequently antimicrobials were used in veterinary consultations and identifies the most frequently used antimicrobials.

Epidemiological study of dogs with diabetes mellitus attending primary care veterinary clinics in Australia


What do the VetCompass Australia data reveal about dogs with diabetes mellitus?