Strategic Research Projects

Twice a year, VetCompass Australia calls for Strategic Research Projects (small, achievable projects that answer a clinically relevant research question) from early to mid-career academic veterinarians. All topics relating to clinical and epidemiological questions in companion animals (dog, cat, horse) will be welcome for consideration, and we encourage innovative questions.

Projects will only be considered if they:

  • address a specific clinical question
  • do not duplicate a current Major Project
  • demonstrate clear benefits to an early- to mid-career researcher and/or clinical researcher
  • are led by someone within the proposing university’s Veterinary Science, Ranked at Level A-D (not E)
  • use a maximum of 2 years data unless this is retrospective
  • have realistic goals and scope

If you would like to discuss your project idea further then please contact your institution’s representative on VetCompass Australia’s Board or Steering Sub-committee.

The next general selection round will be in February 2018.


Student Research Projects

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Major Research Projects

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